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Chef Michele Abbatemarco Image

Michele Abbatemarco

Pastry Chef

From the vibrant markets of Monferrato in Italy, to the elite Michelin-starred kitchens of Europe and Japan, Pastry Chef Michele Abbatemarco has been on a fascinating culinary journey ever since he was a child. “Growing up in the countryside, I understood the true value of local, seasonal ingredients,” he says. “My grandfather would often take me to the market. He was a loyal customer, a friend to all the vendors, so I got to taste and learn about many things at every shop. This helped my palate to expand and evolve very early on.” 

Young Michele’s interest in food took a creative turn when he stumbled onto the Michelin guide at a local restaurant and discovered that great chefs were like artists. He learned to draw inspiration from the world around him, with Mother Nature as his very first muse, from the hilly landscapes of his hometown to its reddish earth hues. “After nature, I moved on to the artistry of man – painting, sculpture, architecture,” he notes. “I love to reflect beauty in my dishes, and to play with different shapes, colours and textures.” 

Now, Michele brings his freewheeling imagination and passion for superlative ingredients to est. With design being a key ingredient in his patisserie, each dessert is composed like a miniature work of art, imbued with a stunning palette and plated with precision. The goal, Michele explains, is for it to remain in the guest’s heart long after it disappears from the plate: “Tastes are like poems that speak to our palate. Just like with art, we can experience emotions with a dish. If that feeling becomes a lasting memory, then my work is completed